In this moment, I believe in miracles again


“Mom, when did you stop thinking that you deserve a fairytale?”

I asked my mom that while we were bonding over our latest obsession and eventhough I know that my dad is my mom’s fairytale, I do know that there was a time she didn’t think that she deserved it.

I hope that moment never comes for me. Despite all the rejection that I’ve encountered in the past, I dare believe that my fairytale is going to happen.

Fear is packaged with this absurd childhood dream, like the fear of growing old alone because you don’t want to get off the cloud of childhood hope.

Just in case you’re reading this or will read this in the future, I just want to say that in this moment (7:30 pm, 031509) I believe that YOU would walk into my life, tomorrow, three months or three years from now.

And in that moment, we’d know that it was worth the wait.

God will bring you to me in His perfect time and more than anything I give credit to this day because on this day, I was brought back to the road that would eventually lead me to you.

Until then.