All the random things I’d love to say..


1) Happy Birthday KC! I didn’t forget, I just know that you’re better off in Heaven where you don’t get old. I was thinking of you earlier and it made me smile because I know you’re convincing the angels to join facebook and watch 90210. You’re charming them with your laughter and your giggles and I bet you’re making them eat A LOT of chocolates. I still miss you Kace, but as I always say you’re at a better place.

2) I want a friend who’d be my friend forever.

3) I can’t believe it but I’ll miss you guys when I leave. :p

4) Looking back, it was for the best. It will be a year soon and with all the humiliation, pain and rejection, i’d like to think that it was worth it. You made me a better person and because of that, I’d always be grateful. Smile when you think of me.

5) I’m not trying to steal him away, okay? I wouldn’t even dream of it. You guys are cute together, hope you’re happy. I just hope that you won’t be imprisoned into something just because people expect you too.

6) I’m happy that we’re friends again! You’re cool and you get me.

7) I have a crush on YOU. I haven’t had a crush in awhile and it’s so weird because you’re not my type at all!

8) I’d love to have that insane lovestory. Really. I want to have a story to tell.

9) You’re my kuya, i’m proud of you and i’d always look up to you. I love you. I hope you know that.

10) You’ll find me one day.

11) Mr. Man with a yellow cap, I’ve liked you since I was fifteen. Give my heart a break, why don’t you?

12) God wants my life to be a testimony so I’m turning my life around, its His strength that enables me to do great things.

13) I’m proud to be your daughter, you’ll get your breakthrough soon.

14) You are my best friend. I hate it when you’re upset.

15) You’ll do great.

16) Love the one you’re with. We’ll have our time someday.