And I call it… WRITER’S BLOCK


I’ve been blogging since I was 15 and been writing in my Pocahontas journal since I was 7. I guess what I’m really trying to say is this… I’ve been writing my entire life, which I why I find it really peculiar to encounter a strange thing called writer’s block.

In the golden days, I would rapidly write about what’s wrong in the world and never stop. I could as much as three entries in a day, but since last November, I’ve encountered severe cases of writer’s block. There are great times wherein I would find myself writing, but most of the time, I get lost. I know that there has been a lot of major things that has happened in the said months, but I don’t find the need to actually recount them through my blog. I’ve resolved to stop talking negatively about other people. So, cross out trashing other people and what do you have? Still there is a lot left to talk about.

One of them is the whole Daniel Smith case. I know I’m not a law student or whatever, but I do have a voice, which I intend to use often. To begin with, have you even seen Daniel Smith yet? I mean REALLY. I would’ve commented further, but I am not in the position to condemn anyone. So girls, please be careful next time, because if you start drinking a lot with random strangers there would be consequences.

Ohmigad. I feel it coming again. My head’s aching and my fingers just won’t start typing again… It’s coming again. So, if ever you read this lame entry, I hope you enjoyed it just a bit because at this very moment that is all my brain can process.