This is what happens if your try to write an entry and your best guy friend is trying to snoop through it


It has probably more than two days before I bloggged. I was supposed to come up with something endearing that would make everyone visit this blog more often.

But, as I type this, nothing meaningful has presented itself aside from great devotion to the now wrinkled but still hot, Leonardo DiCaprio. (Would you believe that he did not win anything at the golden globes, KILL ME NOW.)

So, as I typed in those last words, I heard my best guy friend going, “Yes.” I’m supposed to write a million and one things so great about him, but since he is reading this as I am writing it, I can’t.

Suffice to say, I heard someone say that guys and girls CANNOT be friends. Nolan and I are the living proof to debunk that myth. This may be due to the fact that the first time I saw him, I thought he was a gay.

Turns out, he’s not. He’s one of the “man-nest” people I know.

I still think he’s gay though (his comment: “I’ll kick your a**. Are you serious?). The reason for this is because he totally gets everything that I say to him and he didn’t even grow up with a sister (Nolan murmurs, “bawi”).

Nolan is also the sweetest guy on the planet (I can see him blushing now) and I can rant forever and he’s just there to listen.

Also, despite the drama that has conspired in the previous year (see me gag now), he’s still there. No judgement whatsoever, just there.

And I think that makes me love him more.

This entry is probably going to end here now because it’s time for the both of us to stalk the new librarian. and wonder if he is actually as cute as everyone makes him appear to be (elk).Nolan has a wide array of not-so-nice comments about him that i’d rather not talk about here. But nonetheless, you would continually hear stories from me and my guy counterpart: Nolandia.

(Btw he said that the only handsome guy in a guy’s life is himself. Yeah. Right. Leonardo DiCaprio is GORGEOUS despite the wrinkles, get that Nulan)