The Deal With Forever


Eversince I started reading Your Best Life Now, I’ve resolved myself to discontinue my negative thinking. There are far better things ahead and thinking negatively will allow the negative to enter my life, so I’ve been resolved to thinking positively. However, life continue to throw hurdles at my way which is why I decided that venting out using my blog would be the greatest answer to all of the frustrations. *btw has my style of writing changed at all?*


Forever. Everyone says it. Everyone promises, but does it ever follow through?


And not just in relationships per se, but also when it comes to friendships and everything else.

Remember the friend who promised to be there forever?

Is she still with you today? If she is lucky you. But for most of us, that friend has long gone.

I strongly believe that forever is a term overused. To begin with, forever isn’t realistic. Next week isn’t either. Everyone promises and somewhere, someone gets hurt.

In as much as we know that forever isn’t likely, we still go on and believe it’s true and I repeat, not just in relationships.

The term I will be here for your forever is a crummy promise as well.

For one thing, words don’t speak louder than actions. It’s the other way around and to remind you, forever doesn’t mean just a year. It’s more than that.