and the He spoke.


today, i woke up feeling stressed and depressed because of my weight.

and then i met with an uncle who just had a triple bypass and i felt ashamed as he told me how the Lord delivered Him from a condition that could have caused him his life.

it’s wonderful how the Lord works when you need him the most, but the best part about it is that we never really know how he works.

last night, i was crying my heart out and i really wanted the Lord to move in an area of my life and last night, i had no way out, i didn’t know where to turn and i didn’t know where to look, with eyes shut, i surrendered everything to the Lord.

i knew He was going to work eventhough I didn’t know how and I knew how impossible it was.

and then He spoke.

He spoke through a 39 year old executive, a family friend, who’s always been faithful to Him and the Lord has rewarded Him, but of course, just like any good thing, the enemy tried to bring God’s faithful servant and still, He emerged victorious and with a story to tell, a story that would remind millions including me and my family.

nothing is impossible with God.

This I keep reminding myself, because despite my emotions, despite the situations, it doesn’t have anything to do with How amazing God is and what He can do.

But before anything else, I have to go back to the Source, to Him. Before the Lord could grant me the beautiful things that He has promised once i’m ready for it, meaning that He has to prepare me so when the good things come, I don’t forget where it all came from, that I don’t forget the source.

Whatever it is you’re going through right now, God is able, God is real and He can do great and mighty things, all it takes is closing your eyes and believing.