and then there was light…



Everywhere you look, there’s something depressing to see which is why I refused to watch the news anymore, but instead I look on to the good things that our fellow countrymen has done in the midst of this trial.

It’s amazing to see how people all over the country still get to laugh despite the painful disaster left by Ondoy and how everyone has managed to lend a helping hand.

Yes, there are a lot of negativity plagued with this tragedy, such as how the government has responded yada yada yada, but if there’s anything I realized yesterday, it’s that negativity begets negativity and it really doesn’t help anyone.

I spent the weekend at home, trying to spread as much help as I could through the internet (finding lost family friends etc) and delinating news about donations and the like.

All in all, it was a good yet depressing weekend. My heart cannot take tragedy well, if it’s any indication, I had a terrible headache yesterday that could have been a sign as to how affected I was.

It could also be due to the fact that I finished the entire 90210 season yesterday and because of it, i started thinking that i could possibly be bipolar! And i’m not saying that because i’m trying to be “pacute” OR trying to call for attention but i seriously got into thinking that maybe there was a chemical imbalance somewhere because I’m way too emotional for my own good.

But a well-meaning conversation made me realize how silly the idea was since no one in my family is manic depressive.

Another reason why the weekend was depressing was because it made me realize how ignorant some people are. Since the only want to communicate with people was through facebook and twitter, I have been swarmed with statuses of people who were also spending the day at home and most of them were well-meaning and i believe that everyone found a way to help out somehow but i guess some people are just plain idiotic in nature.

“I cannot believe it’s raining again, my plans are cancelled. Would have been nice to drink and party the night away.”

“I hope it rains again on Monday so there would be no classes! Yay

Also, what bothered me is the fact that some artistas used this tragedy to promote a movie (listen up: cristine reyes!).

I’m not a hypocrite, it would have been nice to have a few days off from work but NEVER at the expense of other people and yes, I would like to spend some time with my friends but again NEVER at the expense of other people and I also understand that Cristine may have had a nasty experience and my heart goes out to her, but really, pulling out the “knight in shining” attack through another idiotic artista, Richard Gutierrez and turning this whole event into your tragedy and your story in order to promote your movie is just plain stupid to me.

Use your artista power for good just like the others who did yesterday (Hello, Jericho Rosales, Kim Chui, Jodi, Pokwang and of course, Bianca Gonzales and hopefully the hot Rayver Cruz too) and stop being stupid for one minute and help other people.

Sorry, I know I wasn’t supposed to be negative, but really this tragedy is a wake up call, not just for the whole country, but for each and everyone one of us. It’s time for us to realize what’s important. Luxurious cars and beautiful houses can be gone in a snap, the same way that you could lose loved ones in an instant so it’s important to prioritize.

i hope this week is a better one for all of us, we all continue to pray.