cause there are lessons too


1) God is with you, even through the darkness

– The book “Finding Comfort” said that most of the time, when we are alone and when we are at our darkest hour, we tend to blame the Lord and this can be seen throughout the Bible, we’ve seen people constantly blame Him when in fact, there’s another way to see it. The other way to see it is knowing that He is there with us through the dark times and all the times that we were alone, He was there to comfort us. And what moved me the most was this line, “He weeps whenever we weep.” Isn’t that an amazing way to look at it? To know that in every heartbreak, He is there with us and although we don’t know why He allows it, we can rest in the fact that 1) there is a purpose and 2) He is with us and in the unseen realm, He is fighting our battles, making sure that we don’t cry anymore or that we survive every heartbreak because it is never, ever without a purpose.

2) The main reason you are going through something is because there’s a lesson to be learned.

– It’s never quite what we expect it to be. Usually, our desires don’t coincide with what the Lord wants for us. Or usually, we confuse what we want for what is for us and that’s the reason why we go through trials. Most of the time, the most disappointing of heartbreaks come from not getting what we want. We think it’s the end of the world, when in fact, there’s something better. However, on the contrary, it might be the one for us but we’re not ready to accept that blessing yet, instead, we’re groomed to be prepared for it. Because if it is given to us at this very moment then we’d ruin it, so what happens to our God’s best?

Also, through hardships, we become more compassionate and we are reminded to be more human. Because sometimes when we get everything we want, we forget that other people don’t. It keeps our perspective in check.

3) Before God gives you the desires of your heart, you MUST seek Him first.

-He’s not being selfish, He just wants to make sure that we don’t forget about Him when it is finally given to us. Great power comes great responsibility. Same with those grand blessings that we’ve always been praying for. The Lord doesn’t want us to keep crawling back to Him when things disappoint us, repeating the same cycle, He wants us to merely progress in our spiritual lives, the way we do in our physical lives. He wants to make sure that we don’t cry over the same things over and over again, but instead, we progress in life. Face each challenge, learn what you can and move on from it. And at the same time, we must always remember that it is all from Him and no one else. And also, we are nothing without Him. This reminds us to not be conceited (something that I have been guilty of) and self-righteous.

4) Those dreams in your heart? They’re all from HIM.

– Do you keep wondering why one dream just won’t die even after a lot of frustrations? It’s because the Lord wants that dream to ring alive in our lives but first we must surrender, we must first be molded into the person that God wants us to be so that the purpose of this dream is carried out.

5) We are meant to be living testimonies.

– Yes, suffering is inevitable, whether you are a Christian or not. But we must remember that we are the salt and light of the world and we are meant to inspire people to know Christ through our lives, so how can we expect’s people’s lives to be touched if our own bleak, dark and miserable? This doesn’t mean that we won’t go through trials, but this also doesn’t mean that we won’t have blessings and we won’t have wealth in all aspects of our lives.

It just means that if we keep Christ in the center of our lives, no matter what season it is, we will be happy and will be joyous and we would be able to reach out to other people.