another set of my randomness


1) i talk to myself … a lot.
2) im deathly afraid of lizards
3) im a text-aholic and im not just saying that to be pacute, i really am. I constantly have to be texting someone, people find it so annoying, but hey, its my peso after all.
4) when im talking to someone, you can hardly tell if im bored. I try to smile and nod my head but in reality- i’m bored to death. It kills to be nice, believe me.
5) despite that, i cant take not being nice though. I try to be nice until everything is way too much to take.
6) i have to have coffee three times a day (or more)
7) the little things annoy me, the ones that don’t really annoy normal people.
8) i dont think im normal either. haha.
9) im fascinated by cartoons, its a crazy obsession.
10) im sick of the oc but one tree hill still amazes me.
11) im spoiled, but im not a brat-i do know my limits!
12) i regret what i say after i blurt the words out. im responsible for my own stupidity. haha.