Arvin: My personal psychoanalyst and still a very special friend.


When I was a pesky junior in high school and have created every single problem related to eros, there was one person who always pounded logic into my head and that was none other than the smartest boy in our class, Arvin.

Arvin has been logical way before it became cool to be logical. Arvin insisted that our fascination with “love” at an early was pointless and it was best not to concentrate on that and it would be a better idea if we just placed the same amount of concentration on better things, like going to college.

Arvin, as wonderful as he is, was constantly teased for his logic. What we didn’t know back then was the fact that Arvin was right all along. After all the crushes were gone and our faux broken hearts were glued back together, Arvin’s little pieces of advice got stuck in our heads and I believe that even though he wasn’t physically present during our college years, his sound advices were always at the back of our minds, guiding our decisions and making sure that in moments of illogical (or put rather bluntly, stupidity) choices, they quietly reminded us of what was needed to be done.

Right after the last summer of high school, everyone drifted apart, doing their own thing. Arvin got too busy getting on the path of victory and I was too busy trying to get out of college alive that we lost touch. Text messages were the only way we communicated since he managed to miss every single reunion we planned.

But just like an angel, out of nowhere, Arvin went on this thing called Yahoo Messenger and we ended up chatting about life.

Arvin, just like all of us, Arvin changed as well. Thank God he took up Psychology in UP. Arvin was an even better shrink than I remembered. I think it was also because he’s been my shrink ever since we were fifteen. He’s had good practice.

Kidding aside, Arvin made me realize more than a few things yesterday. He made me realize that living for tomorrow is silly because tomorrow’s never promised. Arvin pushed me to take the risk. Arvin told me that the Maria Clara act is over and done; he told me that being overly pakipot won’t get me anywhere. Arvin also told me that if you’re happy then that’s all that really matters.

Arvin told me the things that I wanted to hear and yet I knew that he wasn’t sugarcoating. He was still the brilliant Arvin that I ran to every time I had an ugly betty moment in my hands. Arvin was always there and Arvin was always right.

I hope Arvin knows how much he has helped me yesterday and how much he has interjected in the decision that I made yesterday. Arvin is God’s reminder. Arvin is an angel speaking to me and with his help; I believe that I made the right choice.

I also wasn’t sad about my decision because I once took the risk and it made me happy at one point. Arvin made me realize that. Nothing was wasted.

Arvin, you are heaven sent! This blog entry entitles me to another session, free of charge. Haha.

Love you Arvin dearJ