The Pursuit of my “happyness”


Last Saturday, I was the grinch of all grinches. Maybe it was because of the five margaritas I had the night before or my lack of sleep. Anyone who knows me well knows that I cannot have less than eight hours of sleep (I crashed at three and got up a little after eight).

It may also be because last Saturday, I realized that I had three days left into the New Year and something that I have been wishing for at the beginning of 2007 hasn’t materialized yet. That made me one grumpy camper.

Of course, no one knows about the messy details, except for Donna, who has been my saving grace. I guess I just want happiness in its truest form. I want my prayers to be answered because that has always been the true measure of contentment.

But really, what is contentment?

Contentment is being happy with what you have right now and hoping that one day your prayers would be answered, when the time is finally right. It’s being happy in the fact that you have survived the toughest ordeals that has passed thus making you ready for whatever it is that would ‘challenge’ you next. Contentment is being thankful for the inner peace that you have and realizing that at the end of the day, that’s truly all you need. Contentment is realizing that loving and be loved back is the greatest gift anyone could ask for. Contentment is being thankful for the job that you currently have. Contentment is being thankful for your family and everyone else who brightens up your otherwise bleak days. The secret to any form of happiness is contentment.

After realizing this, God gave me a tender wake up call on the same fateful Saturday and it’s surreal to think that the wake up call came just in time for the New Year. It was as if saying, “Get your act together honey before 2008 so none of this drama follows you in the New Year”. It was so pivotal. I spent the rest of the weekend locked up in my room, watching cute films, crying my heart out and lashing out in my journal. I needed that therapy so I can get a good jumpstart on 2008.

And I did get the good start I needed. Welcoming 2008 with my extended family made me happy and excited over what’s to come next.

2008 will be a great year. I can tell.