The Depths Of Me:)


The Depths of Me

Five Basic Things
Name:: Carla Bianca Velasquez Ravanes
Nicknames:: Carla, Bia, Bianx
Date of birth:: July 11, 1988
Today’s date:: December 12, 2007
Current location:: office;)

Are you submissive or rebelious?: submissive but I’ve done my fair share of rebellion:)
Leader or a follower?: Follower? Leader? I never answered that..:)
Responsible or carefree?: responsible
Careless or compassionate?: compassionate!!:)
Talker or a listener?: i’m a talker…heehee… but I do listen when needed
Determined or hesitating?: hesitating on certain aspects of my life *wink*
Trustful or untrusting?: trustful..:P
Dreamer or realist?: DREAMER DREAMER DREAMER
Optimistic or pessimistic?: optimistic:)
Commitment or liberation?: commitment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Guidelines or absolute freedom?: guidelines… i have to have those boundaries:)
Life or love?: LIFE:)

Defining Your World
Family is:: the most important thing to me:)
Marriage is:: possible
Home is:: where the heart is..teheehee:)
Friend is:: someone I can trust, someone I can share absolutely anything with without them judging me:)
Best friend is:: a long lost sister or brother.:)
Love is:: something I have yet to discover:)
Passion is:: what drives someone to do something
Trust is:: very very hard to earn…for me that is;)
Time is:: fair… it’s something that we all have equally. Goes to show that God is a fair God:)
Pain is:: there to teach us something. It serves its purpose so i’m not afraid of it.
Tears are:: a documentation of what we’re feeling. It’s there when we’re overjoyed or really really sad.
Happiness is:: a choice and i’m just not saying that.

Philosophical Questions
Why do “bad” things happen?: Bad things happen because there’s something that we have to learn.
Why do people cry?: People cry because it’s the best way to heal:)
Why pure intensions are sometimes misunderstood?: Because people percieve things differently;)
Why do some people judge by looks, not personality?: That’s what we got used to, no thanks to the media. We’ve been fed a certain standard from day one and we haven’t gotten past that yet.
Why does it sometimes hurt to love?: Because most of the time, love is unrequited.
Why does time fly by so fast?: time only flies so fast if you’re having fun. so if it’s too fast, it means you’re doing something right.

Life Expectations
Do you have any expectations or “requirements” for the “love of your life”?: yes
If yes, what are they? If you said no, why not?: someone who’s stable–in all aspects of his life;)
Who do you want to be in the future, job/career-wise?: I haven’t decided yet.:) I’m too young stop pressuring me!
Do you want a family of your own?: yes:)
Do you want to be super rich? How important are the money for you?: I just want to have enough so I could give the best to my future children and be able to help everyone who needs help..:)
Where do you want to live?: Ireland or Australia:)
Do you want to travel a lot or settle in one place?: YES YES YES;)
What is the highest education you want to obtain?: Doctorate:)

At last…
What should have you been doing instead of this survey?: nothing… completed all my office work already!!:)
Is this for MySpace? Let me guess, yes? Am I right? (LOL): no, multiply:)
Your biggest dream:: be a UN ambassador:)
Do you think of someone specifically at the moment?: YES. HOW DID YOU KNOW?
Is there a person who knows how to make you smile through the tears?: YES:)
Is there someone who makes your heart skip a few beats?: YES?:p
If yes, does that person know about that? If no, I’m sorry…: HEEHEE… I don’t think he knows it yet. I think he has an idea though:P
Finally… do you think that love is blind?: I think love makes people blind… is there much of a difference?” title=”The Depths of Me”>Take this survey |” title=”Bzoink Surveys”>Find more surveys” title=”Bzoink”>Bzoink – The Original Survey Site*PTExOTc*NTU1NTQ1MTUmcHQ9MTE5NzQ1NTYwMDE*MCZwPTg5MjExJmQ9Jm49.jpg” />