The End of A Saga


“Sometimes pain becomes such a huge part of your life that you expect it to always be there. Because you can’t remember a time in your life when it wasn’t, but then one day you feel something else. Something that feels wrong, only because it’s so unfamiliar, then in that moment you realize you’re happy.”

“I don’t know anyone who isn’t haunted by something or someone. And whether we try to slice the pain away with a scalpel or shove it in the back of a closet- our efforts usually fail. So the only way we can clear out the cobwebs is to turn a new page or put an old story to rest- finally, finally to rest.”

Just like Dawson and Joey. Brooke and Lucas. Todd and Elizabeth. Robert and Stacey, a saga has definitely ended. I would rather not get into the minute and depressing details because I now believe in leaving the past behind and just moving forward. Going through the agonizing details won’t exactly do me any good which is why I believe that it’s better to not recount the details and just say that the saga has finally ended.

The end of this particular saga didn’t faze me like it should. Instead, just like any ended saga in history, it made me feel victorious. It made me feel victorious because I finally got over something that has eaten me up for so long.

I also feel victorious because I looked at the story in a whole new light thanks to my good friend, Donna. Instead of making me sad and instead of making me want to delete that particular chapter of my life, Donna made me realize that it served its purpose.
It served its purpose because it made me stronger and looked at things in a whole new perspective. As cliché as it may sound, it’s true that experiences are there to teach us something and not learning from them is the worst that could happen to anyone.
Looking back on this particular story used to make me upset and on really bad days, make me cry and question my self-worth but these days I see it as something that made me who I am today and I dare say that who I am today is so much better than who I was yesterday so I guess I owe that person that.

I can constantly try to blame that person for everything bad that happened to me but in a way, I allowed it to happen so I guess I can’t fully blame him, but then again, that’s not my point. The point is, that person did cause my life unnecessary drama but I guess at some point, it was worth something so in a silly way I’m grateful.

I’m just happy that the saga finally ended. It’s one of those things that I’m thankful to the Lord for.

It’s finally over and I’m finally shutting that chapter for good!