As crazy as a commute can get on a Friday afternoon


I have another skeleton in may closet that I would love to divulge right now:

I have been so sheltered my entire life that I have never experienced riding a cab alone until last Friday.

My bestfriend says it’s quite shameful and I know he’d totally disagree with me in sharing this story. Hehe.

But then again, it’s one of the many firsts in my life, so allow me to gloat about it a little.

My dad picked me up during his lunch break to take me to Edsa Shangrila to take care of a few things for the Metro Society party and then I had to be in Serendra for a meeting for Chocolate’s next event.

Since my dad had to return to his job, I had to hail a cab in Serendra right smack in the middle of lunch hour traffic jam which is just crazy if you ask me!

Thankfully getting a cab wasn’t that difficult since I guess hotel “guests” get special privileges but I was scared as hell! It was probably brought about by the constant stories of terror shared by classmates, friends of friends of friends of the brother of a sister etc.

With my dad’s directions (despite him saying that I have to be independent, I know that he was worried. hihihihih) I was able to take a shorter route (nolan, you’re proud, I know I know) and breeze my way out of hardcore traffic to get to Serendra an hour earlier than my meeting.

I had a dilemma though, I forgot to carry change with me (this is the time Nolan goes, “stupid”) so we had to trek to the nearest gasoline station and thankfully the adventure ended.

I am so grateful to the good drivers left in metro manila. Nolan said my fear of getting mugged inside the taxi among other things is just a figment of my imagination but then again, you can never be too careful.

To relax while waiting for my meeting, I went to a different bookstore’s bookworm cafe and ordered Irish Creme, which was another mistake. NEVER have spiked coffee in the middle of the day.

I didn’t do that on purpose, mind you. It just kindda slipped my mind that Irish Creme was not THE irish creme from Starbucks. Haha;)

It was fun though. I had a laughing fit with numerous text messages and Breakfast with Tiffany while enjoying the said coffee.

After that experience, all I have to say is that I have been sheltered for too long!