Forty Secrets (?!?!)


40 secrets about yourself.
be honest no matter what.

[on e] have you ever been asked out?

yes! hahaha:)
[ two] where is your primary picture
sir gloria’s class. i miss that teacher. three hours of sheer fun;p *ahem*

[thre e] what’s your middle name?

[four] your current relationship
In a relationship?
single and lovin it baby!

[ five ] does your crush like you back?
what crush?!

[six] what is ur current mood?
bored. hopeful:p ECSTATIC

[seve n]what color underwear are you
[eight] what color shirt are you

[ten] if you could go back in time and
change something, what would you
in as much as i would like to edit out the bad parts of my life, i don’t think that would make as much impact in my life. without the crummy parts, there won’t be much satisfaction in life’s little victories. life would just be boring. so there would be nothing that i would change.

[eleve n] if you must be an animal for
one day, what?
why is this a favorite question? i don’t know. a cheetah? a dolphin?
[twel ve] ever had a near death

[thi rt een] something you do a lot?
read and lately edit my multiply because of daisy and kae.

[ fourt ee n] the song stuck in your
all that I am -fergie. haha!

[fifte en] whom did you copy and paste
this from?
ella: i miss you!!!

[sixteen ] name someone with the same
birthday as YOU?
michael rosenbaum… i swear I don’t know anyone personally who shares the same birthday with me.

[seven t een] when was the last time
you cried ?
last saturday.

[eigh teen] have you ever sang in front
of a large audience?
oh gad, don’t remind me. yes!

[nineteen] if you could have one super
power what would it be?
[tw ent y] what’s the first thing
you notice about the opposite sex?

[twenty- one] what do you usually order
from starbucks?
cafe mocha and oatmeal raisin cookies! that is good!
[twent y-two] what’s your biggest
ohhh gaad, why am i even answering this survey?!
[twenty-three] favorite colors?
black, red, pink.

[ twent y- five] do you still watch
kiddy movies or tv shows?
yes! those things are my life!
[twen t y-six] what are you
eating or drinking?
[twent y -s even] do you speak any
other language?
yes… im getting there! haha:)

[twen t y-eight]what’s your favorite
right now? my ugly betty dvd. i looove that show!

[twen ty -nine] Describe your life in
one word what would it be?

[thirty-one] have you ever kissed in
the rain?


[thi rt y-two] what are you thinking
about right now?

lunch. haha
[thi rty -three] what should you be
sifting through photos for work. but technically it is 12 already so I’m on my lunch break:p

[thi rty-four] who was the last person
that made you upset/angry?
I couldn’t remember, I try hard not to remember those things anymore.

[thir t y-five] how often do you pray?

[thirt y -six] do you like someone?

not really
[thirt y-seven] if you could have any
last name in the world, what would you


[th ir t y-eight] do you act differently
aroun d the person you like?
not really. 🙂

[thirty- nine] what is your natural
hair color?
dark dark brown… fine… black!:)

[fort y ] who was the last person to
make you cry?

henry from accounting! haha:)