as i was saying…


I changed my mind, I don’t think I want to recount everything that happened yesterday in BF. It was so sad though because the guy was a major prick and it wasn’t my mom’s fault. Just to assure those who were worried- we’re okay, it was only the passenger side of the car that got hurt. Haha. I’m so worried how can I place a “haha” at a time like this? Okay. Getting ahead of myself and becoming a bit dramatic. Tee-hee.
I saw MTV homecoming yesterday and it featured Christian Bautista at our- tada- highschool. Seeing it made me feel sad. As much as I hate to admit it- I miss highschool. Haay. I guess its just like how the song goes, “don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone” Hehe.
I miss basketball!!!! Gurrr!!!