Bali the B.


I was supposed to write about this incident about two weeks ago, but somehow, I always forgot about it once I was in front of the computer. Okay, before I start let me state the point, that I will not be saying who this person is or even describe the person. I will just be talking about the stupid incident and that’s it.

You see about two weeks ago we had dinner with some “people” and that was where my fam and I met the biggest beeyotch ever. She’s way older than I am, prolly in her early thirties and thinks that the world didn’t begin until she was born. Yes, a thirty year old with that kind of ego problem. Okay, okay, being the polite girl that I was I ignored her all throughout dinner while she went on and on about how wonderful her job is and how wonderful her family is and so on. You know the deal with these people. Anyway, again, I don’t really care if people think that they’re God’s gift on earth, if that makes them happy, go ahead. What makes me mad is the fact that she puts people down to feed her inate need to be secured. Another thing with me? Mess with me all you want, but never my family or the people I love. Somehow, this thirty year old thought that being a homemaker is a lame job and this makes her better than my mom. Please, my mom worked before and its her choice to stay at home and she’s done an EXCELLENT job in raising us.

My mom didn’t care, but I did. She kept on yammering and yammering, feeling like she knew everything until the quiet seventeen year old opened her mouth and shut that beyotch up. Who was the seventeen year old?


You see, the know it all she was said that if given the chance she would be taking up nursing cause she gets to leave right away. Well, thanks to mrs. velarde, I know for a fact, that nursing students cannot leave right away and that they had to serve the country first before leaving.

I said it to her and boy! was she pissed. A seventeen year old raining on her parade. Ha! Its a good think i listen in class.

I swear some people never get over thier little insecurites, even at thirty.

Damn lady! You have some growing up to do. Seriously.