so…who am i now? (its too long for my friendster about me part hehe)


I used to describe myself as complicated, maybe because during those time I really haven’t figured it out… until college happened. Almost six months into it and I’ve seen myself become better. I know some of my old friends are probably saying that i’ve changed, I may have, but that doesn’t mean I deal with people in a negative manner. In fact, I think I deal with them better. I no longer find the need to please poeple or do everything to make them like me. Thanks if you, damn if you don’t. I am no longer a pushover, I already feel comfortable to say what I feel and be completley honest with people.
I have my own twisted idealisms about life and everything in it but I don’t impose them on people. Despite my evident cynicism, I still believe in fairy tales and happy endings, my story is simply begining. Karma is real, which is why I try my best to treat people right. I am still moody, but I do try to lessen my moody days. I am still as silly as ever and I still believe that barney’s hot.
Mess with me all you want, but never my family or the people I love. I can be your bestest friend, but once you break that code of trust…well, I don’t think we’d ever be friends again. When I create friendships, I give my heart and the best of me and the least I expect from people is to be honest and frank. Be up and front, I appreciate it more.
I allow life to surprise me. I don’t expect anything fromt it. I live each day as it comes. If it’s meant for me, it will happen, no matter how impossible or difficult it may seem.
The Lord is my strength, my refuge and the reason for all this change. He allowed me to get hurt for the sole reason that He wants me to be better.
My life is beautiful. Despite the failures, it’s a radical life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know that I’ve hurt a few people on my journey of change and I’m sorry. I don’t live to spit on people’s weaknesses, I just grew up and I guess, we all grow apart. Harsh realities of life, but please don’t judge me because I decided to live my own life. Allow me for once to be happy. Cause finally, I am.:)