Batang Negros and Paying it forward


I was supposed to watch a documentary on that last night but since I was dead tired, I wasn’t able to. But I caught bits and pieces of it on last night’s news. It brought tears to my eyes (no surprise there,haha) and despite my very sleepy state I still felt the rage for those corrupt politicians. Where do they use the millions they get? Where else but thier expensive cars, HUGE houses and oh yeah on those sexy actresses who swear they have nothing to do with it.
Yeah right, we’re not stupid.!!
Okay, okay so maybe my ranting does not help at all. Hehe. I guess what im trying to say is this, do someone a favor today, smile a little more and stop making negative comments about people (unless they’re directed at those crappy politicians, its not like they actually have hearts..wahaha). Think of others more and a little less yourself. Before we know it, everyone’s working hand in hand and smiling.
Some dream, I know…but its not impossible.=))