daddy’s little girl…=)


Last week, my mom and I opted to watch Guess Who over Star Wars. (I know, I know your probably thinking, “what the heck?” but to be honest, I really don’t get Star Wars so sue me.Hehe. I’d rather go for those Spiderman and Batman flicks, haha). Anyway, I never liked Ashton Kutcher so I wasn’t very keen on watching that movie (I like Ashton already after watching the film, he is now on my ever growing hottie list, hehe). But it turned out to be super nice and super sweet.
It wasn’t only the love story that made me love the movie, but also the story between the girl (oops, I already forgot her name,wahaha) and the dad. It reminded me of my own relationship with my dad. You see, when I was younger my dad and I were super close. I was closer to him than to my mom. But when my teenage years began, well let’s just say there are just somethings that my mom would understand better than my dad, thus us drifting away from each other during those akward years.
But now, at sixteen things are different. We now see each other in a different light. We have so many things in common that there are times we argue (FYI: we do argue alot) but at the end of the day I know he truly understands me. We love the same books, the same movies and the whole techie stuff. Haha.=)
Well, I guess I would always be a daddy’s girl at heart. I would always run to my dad whenever someone would hurt me and make sumbong. He has that way of calming my nerves and he always finds a way to fix things in a more rational way.
I love my dad, I am a daddy’s girl and now, I am not ashamed to admit that anymore. =)