Girls’ day out.=) (oh right and two boys..hehe)


These past few months, I’ve been ranting about how much I miss my girls and highschool. Finally, my parents allowed me to go out (yes, inasmuch as its embrassing to admit my parents still keep a tightguard on me) and my girls and I (with roy and beshi, miko was there but dissappeared with Jen to “talk”.hehe) saw each other today. I super missed them and highschool as well.=)
It was kindda embrassing to go around town taking pictures of each other anywhere we could. I remember Lily’s comment very well, “sabi siguro nung ibang tao first time natin mag-town” People probably thought we were from the province. Sheesh.=)
I actually had a few hesitations before reaching the mall. My friends and I only kept in touch through text the whole summer, I had this scary feeling that maybe we all just stare at each other, uncomfortable. Of course, I was so wrong. We picked up right where we left off. It was as if we didn’t graduate and we would all be going back to our dear alma mater this coming school year. *wink*
I super enjoyed today and bonding with my friends. Too bad, I didn’t have enough money to go catch a movie, no thanks to starbucks. Hehe. =)
Aww guys, I really had fun. I know it would take some time before we see each other again (drama na naman) but im so glad that there weren’t any uncomfortable silences among us. Keep in touch (as I always say). Oh and kax thanks a mill for the magazines, I am so happy it made my week, no my month! hehe=)
Btw, Jen where were you??!!! hehe..=)
aluvya guys….*mmmmmwaaahhhhh*