Because you make me feel BLISSFUL:)


Current Mood: Smitten

Currently Missing: COLLEGE, College Friends, Ate Ro-anne, Karla, Dawson’s Creek!! Penny Brown Smackers, PBA! :((

Currently Listening to: Together: Ne-yo.

Currently Reading: Breaking Dawn, Quick MBA Notes, Strategic Management… Now you can say GEEK!

It’s finally finally the weekend and I’m finally done with the thousand things that I had to finish before I can finally declare that I can enjoy my weekend without obsessively thinking of several things all at once (although I know I would).

I’m at my happy place, you know?

This week turned out to be okay even though *someone* made me cry again. But he doesn’t really control my emotions anymore, I’m really trying not to allow anyone to have that kind of control over me because it gets tiring and draining at its worst.

I was able to finish everything that I had to finish and accomplishment always insinuates this spark in me, like I couldn’t wait for the week to come because I’m excited to finish more than I should.

Maybe, it’s also the excitement over STUDYING AGAIN. Just yesterday, I tried to talk myself out of the insanity, but it didn’t work. Instead, I was jumping for joy when I was printing my review materials. It’s sad that studying excites me in a way that clubbing ever does (that’s just sad, huh?)

Another thing that makes me happy too: I found the filipino version of Edward Cullen!! Okay maybe he’s not Filipino but I guess you get my point. But of course, there’s no way I’m telling you where I found him 😉 Speaking of Edward Cullen, I’m halfway through Breaking Dawn but I can’t seem to read through Jacob’s part. I find him boring and selfish. *sigh*

Last weekend drained me, but looking back, I’m glad that it happened because in a way, I’m different from who I used to be. There was a time that I didn’t believe that a person can change in a week, but then again, a week is really all you need.

Just like JK Rowling said, “You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity”

I’ve known myself better and I’m happier.

I hope you’d have a grand weekend.