Busy Bee… That’s Me.


This is what I get for being too engrossed with work and my upcoming MBA:

  • I didn’t know that DLSU-ADMU are in this year’s UAAP finals.
  • My blog entries pile up because I forget to hit the button “save and publish” once I’m done typing it. I had a week’s worth of entries but some of them are so outdated or too hostile to post. So nevermind.
  • My dvd player has been put on hold for almost two weeks. That never used to happen especially if ONE TREE HILL is on my player. That’s how busy I am.
  • My text messages pile up. I don’t even have the energy to hit the okay button.
  • My accounts have been stagnant for a week and my e-mails to Karla has not been sent as well.