Mood: pressured.
Voice in my head: “it’s okay, all work best for the greater good”
Current state of my heart: hurt, greiving.. alone.

It has often been said that a blog should be able to tell what is currently going on in the life of the “blogger” and I swear, that was the objective of this blog, to rely in any manner what was going on in my life, no matter how soggy, how happy or how dramatic. But as I’ve fished through the past entries of my so-called blog I have realized that maybe, in one way or another I have not reached that goal.

I am hurt. I have been betrayed more times in the past two months than I can imagine. When I entered college I seriosuly thought that I would gain all the best friendships in the world, but as Kara has said that friendships are hard to come along most especially in college when the playing field is so damn competitive. I would rather not stress on this fact, but the current state of my college life in terms of friendships is this,

The people whom I thought who would always be there for me head on betrayed me and turned thier backs on me for a reason that I don’t know of. If they would just come up to me and say why they think I’m such a bitch then I wouldn’t sulk as much. It’s not that I’m sad that they’ve all turned thier backs on me, I’m just annoyed because I spent about a year on my life investing in something that wouldn’t even last. Some friends.

I’ve been in touch with my highschool friends more often now. I know there has been a time wherein I “cooconed” and didn’t talk to anyone but now times have changed. A friend once said that the greatest of friends can be found in your highschool friends and I’ve proven just that. I do miss them and now that we’ve tested the waters maybe its time to get together and keep in touch once again. Nothing beats old friends is so true.

I am once again stuck in a transition phase in my life, it’s like I am so sick and tired of the things that I used to love and admire. I never use my multiply site because I now realize that people who are not even concerned about you suddenly find the need to jump into your life by looking at special pictures, so for those of you who still try to add me as a contact don’t bother I hate multiply. Also, friendster has annoyed me as well but I will not stop visiting since that’s how I manage to keep in touch with my old friends and people I hardly see, it serves a good purpose. I love myspace, its the one thing that I am currently not annoyed at and my blog of course.

So other than those things mentioned above, I’m pretty happy.

I guess that’s life.

I better just eat away my problems.

The best solution to this do drum life?
Strawberry Shortcake from Conti’s, that can put a smile on my face anytime at anyday.:)