There used to be a time wherein I could write, write and write and the world would be perfectly aligned, no matter how difficult the heartbreak or how tough the situation, words always seemed to be the perfect escape-except for today.
I have just been through one of the most heartbreaking days in my life.
Yesterday passed by in a blur and I could not believe how some people could be extremely high and mighty that they would do absolutely everything to make sure that their egos are not bruised and their precious positions are not threatened.
So they find scapegoats. They find scapegoats who they think are not as important as them or do not hold important positions as theirs.
This is disheartening and sometimes, at the end of the day, you wonder why people stab other people in the back just to secure positions that would be worthless at the end of the day.
There’s an upside to it though, yesterday’s events led me to realize who my real and true blue friends are and it truly brightened up my rather cloudy night. I may have appeared listless today but my heart appreciates it, my heart appreciates the people who were there for me in that shitty day and I’m grateful.
I’ll stand strong in faith. God, as always, is fighting my battles.
I cannot believe that Michael Jackson is DEAD. It’s such depressing news.
He was an icon and he was always… there.
You know that love survives, so we can rock forever.
Rest in peace. Your music will live on.