I’m turning 21 in less than a month and i’m not really excited because of several reasons but I guess that’s not the point of this entry.

So every year since I’ve turned seven, I made it a point to make my own little list and make sure that I turn my birthday into my very own Christmas Wish List Day.

Well, since my parents don’t really support materialism and anything related to that, I hardly get anything I want from the list unless it’s a book.

Since I started working here I made lists of things that I finally have an excuse to splurge on.

That’s what’s happens when you’re Little Miss Independent, you buy things for yourself on your birthday.

So here goes the list of the tangible and intangible things I want this year:

1) Peppermint Cupcakes from Sonja’s.
— Just because I’ve been immersing myself in the South, I rarely have time to visit one of my favorite dessert places ever. Okay I’m drooling just thinking of it 😉

2) A good dinner with my family filled with laughter and good times.
— I’m always blessed to have them with me so I guess it would just be the same as any of the nights we spend in Pergola 🙂

3) Really cute purple shoes just because..
— I haven’t seen one yet so waah.

— Cause I’m a cheap ass and borrowed the whole set from the library. TEE HEE =)

5) Lindt Mint Chocolates
— We have Lindt Milk Chocolates but MINT is the best 🙂

6) Complete Box Set of Grey’s Anatomy 1-4
— HAHA. I want to relive those sexy moments with Mcdreamy 🙂

7) A Digicam.
— I don’t care what brand it is, just gimmee one 🙂 hehe!

8) Aerosoles flats in yellow and blue and pink if they have
— They’re on sale in the new Eastwood Mall 🙂

9) New work clothes
— Since i’ve been struck by the Good Girl Syndrome I started wearing my cream puff *cringe* uniform so I need new skirts, new slacks and new shoes that would disguise how totally disgusting it is =

— Any Jodi Picoult will do (okay, I read half of ’em already). The Pact would be great. And so would be Love The One You’re With. The Age of the Unthinkable. Yes, anything on the bestseller list last month only. I probably read May’s. Sorry you’re talking to a full-on geek 🙂

11) Zac Efron in a sexy box 🙂
— I would love you forever 🙂