booshy-nosey day.


I have no idea why I named this entry that,
I don’t even know what it means.
I just seem to feel that way today,
booshy and nosey.
Why nosey?
Well, I cried myself to sleep last night and

still I was crying this afternoon.
Okay, nothing major happened and I don’t know why
I feel oh so sad.
Okay, I have my reasons.
But since Im trying to be an optimistic person,
I really don’t think I should write down all my rantings in detail.
I’m really trying so hard to focus on the positive and not the negative,
but sometimes it rubs in your face and you lose track of what’s important.
That’s how I’m feeling today.
Really depressed.
Again, I was watching that local game show earlier
and again it featured kids.
One of the reasons why I cried today was watching those kids
who again were working for a living.
I know its unfair for me to complain about things,
when I am so blessed in life.
So,I asked for God to help me channel
all these pain into something positive.
Like helping out.
And im not helping others out
because its the “beauty queen” thing to do,
Im actually helping others out because its what I want to do.
Why do people always tend to judge and compare and so on?
Why can’t they just keep thier mouths shut if they have nothing nice to say?
Is that so hard?!
Why can’t people just understand that words are hurtful?!
That words could pierece through the heart and leave
wounds that could take years to heal.
You try to run away from the things said and done to you in the past.
But it haunts you.
It never stops haunting you especially when your at your weakest.
I’m at my weakest now
and its killing me.
So, please if you have nothing nice to say just shut up.

Criticzing someone doesn’t make you a better or bigger person.
So, please.
Oh and my real friends are lost if you ever found them
please tell them im looking for them.