things are better


I’ve had enough drama to last my a week,
no a month actually!
Things are generally better.
I am better.
I’ve gotten over all the negative thinking
and I’ve done enough lashing out yesterday.
School’s almost almost done,
all we ever have to do are those graduation practices and recordings.
Honestly, I don’t know how to feel.
Its as if I want to move on but then stay.
I don’t know if this is once again my paranoia working

but I feel as if my friends have changed overnight.
I am not sure if I did something to offend them,
or this is just my imagination working.
I really don’t know.
I hope that things get cleared soon.
Everyone should watch The Pacifier,

it stars Vin Diesel and it is actually the first time I found him cute.
Its a really cute film.
Go see.
I am in particular happy state today.
Happy and Content.
The Lord can truly do miracles.

Its in those little things we tend to neglect.
Miracles are everywhere,
waiting to be found.