Cause All I Want For Christmas…


So I’m back from Tagaytay, I still have five days of teaching left and it’s really making me sad already because I fell in love with each and everyone of my kids! I also fell in love with teaching, now I don’t know how I can go back to my 8-5 job without thinking of the kids!

I can’t wait to get back to my Principles of Advertising Class though, I absolutely missed it and my students!! As for my marketing job, hmm… it doesn’t generate as much passion but i’m just grateful since well, I’m blessed to have a job in 2009. =)

I was about to complain about several things today: a juvenile acting out and a couple of other crappy things but looking back, there’s really nothing to complain about, it’s the end of the year: There are new people in my life, there are people still in my life and there are people out of it– which is okay, because those people were only meant to stay for awhile anyway. I learned what I had to and moved on.

My job is good. I’m blessed. It’s better that I experience whatever crap I could at twenty than at thirty, its a blessing in disguise in a way. It has made me tougher.

This whole ESL Winter Camp came at the perfect time, it was the Lord’s way of changing my heart and ridding it of all the negativity in time for the New Year. I can’t wait to toast to 2009, it’s going to be an incredible year, I just feel it 😉

I guess that goes to show that I really don’t want anything else for Christmas. I’ve got everything but since everyone is allowed to be materialistic every once in awhile here’s my material wish list:

1) Joel Osteen’s New Devotional

2) “This Planner Will Change Your Life” 2009

3) LV Neverfull Damier Bag!!! (OHH HIGH HEAVENS!!!!! I WAANTTT)

It’s the holidays people: Let’s all Enjoy and Be Merry! CHEERS 🙂