Of Happy Tears This Christmas…


I just got home from my English Winter Camp and I’ve been crying since. My students, in the true spirit of Christmas, gave me Christmas cards and I was overwhelmed by how simple yet sincere they were. Just thinking of those cards handwritten and pieced together by their hands makes me want to tear up all over again.

For the first time in my life, I felt truly loved by people other than my family (who in a way are obliged to love me! HA HA). It created an overwhelming sense of gratitude because in the weeks before this winter camp, I was in a self-doubt and self-loathing phase, as if I could do no right and this turned it around.

But that’s the least important reason why I was so overwhelmed. I was so overwhelmed because the thought of loving eight other people other than myself just makes my heart bigger. Here I was thinking that falling in love with one person was enough to complete you but actually being able to give of yourself to others and care for them deeply is the best kind of love around—especially during this Holiday season.

I strongly believe that the Lord crafted all of these events to end my 2008 and even though there were certain parts in 2008 that I’d erase, they were pretty much worth this year-end hurrah with my kids.

I could not even explain or put into words the overwhelming joy that I’m feeling right now, joy that has converted into happy tears and I could not be more grateful.

Despite the lack of material gifts or lavish parties, despite the lack of a good sleep in almost a month, I’m at my happiest point this year and from the bottom of my heart, I wish that for everyone, even those I don’t like that much (HA HA).

To Pete, Mike, Geneva, Julie, Ann, Jade, Wendy and Gabby: You are teacher’s best gifts this Christmas and I hope you would not forget your speech, grammar and pronunciation, but most importantly, I hope you don’t forget how much teacher loves you. Grow up to be good girls and boys, all of you will be great one day.