Cellphone Detox


My cellphone has been detained for an unidentifiable amount of time and instead of being annoyed, I feel good.

The cellphone is a glorious device and it has been glued to my fingers ever since I had one at the age of fourteen (probably one of the last people on earth to have one) but instead of feeling naked, I actually feel liberated and less para-nnoying.

Without the constant flexing of my thumb, I can relax and enjoy life’s nothingness. I have read more books that I would have with my phone around-mercilessly beeping with messages waiting to be replied to and calls to be answered. I once rid myself of countless things (even food) just to find the inner peace that I’m feeling now. I didn’t realize that the only thing that I had to give up was my cellphone.

I couldn’t help but feel that my little dilemma has caused a blessing in disguise.

So sorry if I haven’t been replying to your messages, now you understand whyJ



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