Something I saved in my phone and forgot about


I have this annoying of habit of saving things in my phone and forgetting about it, it’s like my very own “travel journal” only I keep forgetting to post them


This one I saved January 12, 2008:

“For the first time in forever I ate alone at a restaurant. If I could remember clearly when I was five or six I declared to my mom that I’d never eat alone because it was the most tragic thing that could happen to anyone. But my dear six year old self, I beg to differ. At the age of 19, I have come to enjoy the solitude and it compliments my need for silence. Not that I want to be lonely forever but it’s a good feeling and a great way to unwind. It’s been a horrible week. I deserve a break and a treat and a time to unwind and to think.

Heath Ledger was found dead last Tuesday (US time). I cannot even explain how sad I am about this. Life is too short. Fall in love. Live Crazy.
and just be HAPPY DAMNIT!

He was such an excellent actor.:(