Matters Of The Heart


Current Mood: Dazed. — blame this on myspace.

Yes, my heart’s dazed and not just for one particular reason. I had a highly stimulating conversation with my dad earlier and it feels so good that I’m in that point wherein I’m allowed to tell my dad everything and he just listens. He doesn’t reprimand before I even explain my side, in his brooding way he listens and then agrees.

Yes, my dear friends when you’re an adult, your dad finally agrees with you. But I guess my dad’s always been that way, it’s only now that I get to appreciate that.

My dad knows the real state of my heart and what I’ve decided on over the weekend. My dad also knows that when I say it’s over, then it’s over for me. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t start yet or if I even gave that guy a chance. When I see something that I don’t agree with, it’s done, it’s finito. Again, I don’t know if my stubborness would be an advantage to me in the end. I just don’t like being hurt. I don’t like opening my heart over and over again just to have it trampled on in the end. I like everything in black and white and I hate hate games.

When I say I don’t like a person anymore, nothing in this world can change that. Unless he goes serendipity on me and convinces me that we should be together. Che said that’s a good thing because it makes me stick to my decisions.

But who knows what’s going to happen in the future? And i’m totally going out of topic here so let me try to make the point of this entry clear.

Back to my dad… he agrees with me. My dad’s a realist so I can’t say that my head was in the clouds when I made that decision.

I’m sad, that may be true but I don’t want to be sad and stupid at the same time.

So life’s good… And I do know, cliche as it may sound, the best is yet to come.

I have no idea if this entry made sense but I know it did.

Damn! I’m just so happy. It’s like I finally got my old self back.