Christmas Eve 2019



assorted Christmas ornaments


It has been two months since I wrote anything here. It has been nearly three years since I did the impossible, packed my bags, and moved to a foreign country with nothing but prayers and the hope for a better future.

Today is Christmas Eve, my third one away from home and while I was overwhelmed with emotions earlier today, right now I feel calm. No intense emotions, just a great sense of gratitude. Just thankful for the year that was and all that will be.

There’s an excitement in my heart because I know that God has something great in store for the new decade. What a decade it has been!! I remember writing a blog at the beginning of 2010 and here I am, ten years later, doing the same thing. Many of what I have learned in the past three weeks alone is not ripe enough to share here yet but know that I am sending my love and light to you, my faithful reader, wherever you are.

May this Christmas season remind you of just how loved you are and how you are worthy of all the things you desire.