Day Eighty Eight: May 10, 2010


Boto Pilipinas, 2010

Yesterday was fun. Yesterday the entire nation came together and voted.

I was, however, an irresponsible citizen and failed to register but to be a part of something that moved the entire nation was just awesome.

Everyone was busy on twitter and facebook brewing their own opinions and such. It’s quite fantastic to know that teenagers and young adults this year are more involved and all have opinions.

It was an incredible experience! To be able to share opinions and to be united in wanting change.

And although Gilbert Teodoro did not win, I know that this country will see change.

I’m looking forward to the rebuilding of this nation in the next six years.

And i’m definitely NOT missing THE next election.

And to my bet: Gibo Teodoro: You are a man of honor. You proved yourself not just in how well and clean you handled your campaign but also in how you handled the outcome of the elections. The Philippines should have more men like you. I know your time will come. Whatever your next endeavor is, rest assured that you would have the support of many. SULONG GIBO. SULONG!