Day Fifty Eight


April 12, 2010
Amazing Grace in a bookstore

I was having a so-so day yesterday, but of course God works in mysterious ways and He led me to my favorite bookstore and possibly the place that I run to whenever I feel bad or I just want to feel good about life.

Gracia is my favorite OMF store person because she always shares with me her favorite books, favorite authors and yesterday, she gave me an insight on what may be happening in my life, without even knowing my life story.

That’s how Great our God is!

Gracia told me a story about a preacher who was dealing with an inner struggle, an inner fight that he was supposed to encourage people to overcome and he felt that he was no longer cut out because he kept going back to the dark.

And then his pastor friend said, “it’s your struggles that allow you to serve.”

Basically, it means that in order for us to serve people and glorify God, we must be able to relate to people and we must be constantly reminded that without God, we are nothing.

That our brokeness remind us that we are victorious in Christ.

That’s God for you, everyday He gifts us with little miracles that remind us of How great and How amazing He is!