Day Ten


Day Ten: Working Saturday

Saturdays usually begin at 8:30 AM, but today, since I didn’t have a ride to work, I hitched with my dad and was there an hour earlier and it wasn’t that bad really, it was pretty fun.
I love my new job. Yes, it’s extremely challenging but the feeling that you get when your student gets it, or when a parent’s face lights up because finally, a child can read just makes me feel wonderful.
The girl in the picture is Annika playing with shape oreos (who knew such a thing existed?!) and she’s wonderful. My other student Iman, is wonderfully challenging and is a completely different person, but Annika is such a joy.

She finishes work on time, with a little more extra to play with shape oreos and to write our names on the board with little hearts
It’s probably the best feeling in the world.