dean or jess?


So,what did I do for the Holy Week.
Nothing,I tell you.
I didn’t go out of town.
But I was able to reflect.
Aside from that I was also able to watch an eleven episode marathon
of Gilmore Girls last Thursday.
it was so cool.

So, here comes the next question.
Dean or Jess?

Seriously I was thinking of it myself.
Okay, so you’ve been with dean for two years
and Jess comes along,
what do you do?
They’re exact opposites.
One’s reliable,
and one’s a rebel.
So, what does a girl do?
Not that I am ever going to encounter something like that,
but its something you think about when your totally bored.
I came up with this conclusion:
I go for Dean.
I mean Jess is HOT and all,

but Dean would never ever not call when he said he would.
I don’t care if he shows up with two tickets to some concert,
he has to call me when he said he would.
Is that too much to ask? I have no idea.
I’ve never been in a relationship,
so I wouldn’t know.
But back to the topic.
I chose Dean because I want someone reliable.
I chose Dean cause I know he wouldn’t hurt me even if he tried.
I chose Dean becauseI know he’ll be there all the time.
I chose Dean because he’d treat me the way I want to be treated.
Too bad cause in real life,
I don’t see any Dean in the horizon.