what ill miss about highschool


1) Sir Ben-that’s a given.
2) the smelly canteen. (haha)
3) H.E. practicum.
4) cramming sessions.. (“Jho, hindi ko maintidihan!!)
5) foundation days and all the other events our school made up for the sake of having events.
6) Lance’s accents and drawings.
7) my beautiful desk with lotsa pictures.
8) the highschool hallway.
9) recess
10) third year days.
11)“sir bukas ko na lang ipapass, naiwan ko” -when in fact you didn’t even know that you had to pass something.
12) SF meetings in the field.
13) second year music class.
14) making up some sorry excuse to Sir Apawan since you’ve been late for the third time that week.
15) Sir Apawan a.k.a. dodi daga. (sorry lily!)
16) jen’s corny jokes.
17) ms.monette and her magazines-free time!=)
18) “Si ***** nasa meg ba this month? May Meg na ba?” and everyone answers, “haay naku pano mapupunta sa Meg un?” this leads to an arguement, yours truly defending him of course.
19) “Ang ingay” this comment is made by Ton, Gene and Lance. oh and paolo of course.
20) “Bawal mag computer! Wala ba kayong klase?” we respond, “sir wala!”
21) never ending jokes.
22) the rumors(haha some of them were so silly I swear!)
and most of all..
23)falling in love, arguing, making up,rekindling broken friendships, growing up.

there are still a lot but that sums it all up…
batch 2004-2005
Keep in touch..
i love you all very very much!!=)