There is silence but i hear laughter


I just came from a debut, yes a good friend of mine just turned 18. They had cotillion, dancing and everything else needed to make a debut special.
Oh, did I forget to mention that my friend is deaf mute.
Yes, she’s deaf mute and the thinking of a seven year old.
I’ve grown close to this particular girl over the past two weeks, her younger brother is my younger brother’s classmate.
She’s really a sweet girl.
So anyway, I attended the party and of course everyone invited were her classmates who were like her as well. I was deeply overwhelmed and touched by the party.
There they were people my age who couldn’t hear or talk but still tried to dance.
They had disabilities but they were having fun.
It made me think,
these teenagers enjoyed themselves.
No insecurites. No pretensions whatsoever.
It made me feel guilty. I have been blessed with so many things in my life and still I complained on and on.
That party served as an inspiration,
my new friends taught me a thing or two about life and how we should live it.
Even if they couldn’t talk to each other they could still communicate.
Thier laughter and love of live was evident
and no they certainly did not need words for that.