Drive Me Insane and I’ll Love You Again..


Work was ridiculous this week and it’s breaking my heart because I truly love it, you know how you get when you fall in love with a person, realize its faults then love it again because you realize that despite its flaws, you still love it?

That’s how I feel about work. No matter how difficult it can be, how demanding, frustrating or pressured I am, I can’t see myself in another place. It’s where God wants me to be and i’m being trained for something greater.

But, I don’t always remember that, you know? There are days when I just want to scream and bitch (and sometimes, I do) and then I feel extremely guilty about it because they’re wonderful people and I just don’t like disliking people. It’s awful.

I guess, no matter how unfortunate, you have to go through these things because that’s when you’d know that it’s worth it. I just thought that the world would be nicer, but it hardly ever is.

I cannot go into the details of the situation that I’m in with my siblings. I don’t want to justify or to blame, I just want all of us to be happy with the choices we’re making.

I know we’ll be back to where we were, only better, in due time.

It’s time to heal, I just hope they know that I love them.

Love. Love. Love. When did we ever stop wishing for it?


OMG. I miss my highschool and college friends. Those retro pictures just made me want to go back. Lovely, very lovely.