I didn’t even want to go to church this morning because events of the past week has weighed me down that I couldn’t even get up in the morning and expect something good.

But right now, I’m grateful that my parents shoved me out of bed because the message was timely. It makes me giggle because God does speak to you when you need it most, only you’d never know when and where or how He’d speak to you. He just does. That’s how amazing He is.

Today’s message was about not giving up. Not giving up in doing good, not giving up in doing your best even nobody in the world gets it, not giving up in expecting that good things are coming your way and you won’t just live a mediocre life. Instead, you must fight to regain your faith and strengthen it.

I used to think that something like that would just happen, but anything in life hardly ever does. It takes a lot of effort and sometimes, a lot of pain to fight against life, to go against the tide and to resist the temptation of simply sitting down and taking everything, thinking that you deserve it.

We deserve good things and that’s the only thing we deserve, don’t let anybody else let you think otherwise.

I’ve done a few shady things in the past week and none of which am I proud of, I won’t blame it on growing pains, but rather, mistakes that I should learn from.

It will be a better week and I’m not going to give up that easily.