Drop. Lock. Roll Over.


After last Sunday, I felt better.

There’s something about being emptied to be filled again that stirs my spirit and moves me.

It’s not that I’m expecting pain to come into my life, I do believe in the power of the secret, but this time, I’m no longer afraid of it.

I’ve stopped wishing for difficult situations to come my way, rather I fight it with all that I have so I’d be stronger for the next battle.

And I’ve also realized that in each battle, you are equipped with more strength and what’s even more important is that you are equipped with a greater sense of wisdom that you pick up from the Godsent people along the way: kids, significant others, cruel bosses (ahem. ahem.), two faced friends and the girl your ex cheats on you with.

Yes, the people we’d rather do without but the people who’d serve a greater purpose in your life as much as those who would pick you up after they break you.

I’ve also reached the point wherein I can be friends with people who once broke my heart, forgive those who haven’t even asked and finally be comfortable in my own skin. It’s okay to be a loner, okay to be a geek, it’s okay to prioritize and have goals.

It’s okay to dream again and it’s okay to take a step back if that’s the only way that you can see the big picture that would push you to move forward.

It’s also okay to admit to yourself that the “perfect guy” that everyone wanted you to be with isn’t the “right guy” for you, he simply was a person who was given to you so you’d know who you are and make you realize what you truly deserve.

It’s okay if people don’t like you because there are more people who are willing to love you.

It’s okay to pace yourself, the world and everything in it, will be yours if you understand that it will happen, one day at a time.

It’s now time to be at peace with the people from high school and who you were. Making amends wouldn’t revert you to who you used to be.

And maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to fall in love with the boy from high school because maybe this time, that man is no longer the boy he used to be but still is the person who loved you when no one else did. 🙂