Hope Enveloped in Absurd Packages


I was in the middle of doing my lesson plan among other things when my mom called me to thier room just to ask me to watch this TV show (I’m really only consumed by shows that showcase John Llyod Cruz) on ABS-CBN because apparently it can brighten up anyone’s day, including the day of someone who has just been through a whole lot of crap at work.

Thirty minutes into it and I realized what she meant. Abs’ latest attempt at a teleserye is actually one that the country needs. May Bukas Pa is connotes what is needed by the public these days: A reason to hope.

God knows that I do have my problems, but I also understand that there are people out there with even more severe problems than me and that enough is a scary thought. The world is ugly and no amount of complaining is really going to change that, so why even bother?

It rings true, you know? You have to fight harder to stay happy.