Empowered by the Beautylista


“When women empower each other, incredible things happen.”
As a woman, I firmly believe that it is incredibly important to surround one’s self with women who encourage, empower, and promote each other. When we were younger, bickering and competing with each other seemed to be the way women treat each other. However, as you grow older, you realize that nothing brings greater joy than having a solid group of girlfriends who would tell you what selfie you should post, when to cut communication with that flaky guy, and women who would cheer you on when you’re both losing and winning in life.
Because of this belief, I always strive to be this kind of friend to the girlfriends that God has blessed me with. In the same breath, I make sure to consciously surround myself with women of substance and positivity.
One of my favorite girlfriends in the world is Angela Medalla- Yeo. The wife of famed Green Archer and now professional basketball player, Joseph Yeo, Angela and I met when Joseph and my dad were in the same basketball team together. We then developed a friendship out of our common love for optimism and everything else in between.
In my head, I would often describe Angela as a superwoman who does it all. A graduate of De La Salle University, the commercial model used to be a pre-school teacher before becoming a hands-on mom to her two adorable daughters, Mariana and Helena. Aside from taking care of her girls 24/7, Angela is also an entrepreneur who has Fizzle Fries branches of her own.
But Angela’s biggest passion lies in the field of make-up. After giving birth to her first child, Angela, pursued her interest in make up by studying in the famed Center for Aesthetic Studies. This led to bigger stints with Mega Fashion Crew and opportunities to share her work through magazine editorials and print ads.

However, what excites Angela the most is the opportunity to empower women through make up, “Make up empowers women in a way that makes her feel good about herself. It makes her feel confident and gives her the power to interact with people daily.”
This is the reason why she set up Beautylista on both Instagram and YouTube and launched her very own blog that will soon host her make up tutorials and other how-tos that will guide other super mommies like her.
Angela stumbled upon the idea when followers of her personal account started asking how she did her make up and what products to use. She then decided to use the power of the Internet for good and decided to pay it forward, “I learned so many things from watching YouTube videos so I felt this was a good way to share what I know.”
A one-woman team, Angela meticulously takes care of the production of her videos and she finds it a lot of fun, especially since she is able to do it while her girls are in school. For her, the greatest satisfaction is found in knowing that other women, through her tips, will be able to find ways to empower themselves, even through something as simple as perfecting their eyebrows before leaving the house. 
When asked what the secret was to her superwoman lifestyle, she was quick to say, “ Learn how to take care of yourself so you can take better care of others and don’t worry if you’re not perfect because there’s always another day to make things better.”
For more, follow Angela on Youtube and Instagram @beautylista and visit her blog www.beautylista.com.