Entries that I failed to post in the past weeks.


*After Finals Entry*

Normal Things that happen during finals week: (normal to me, at the very least)
A) Forget dates and days and just recall them as: Monday: Business and Company Law, Tuesday is Strategic Marketing Day, Wednesday TERROR DAY and so on.
-This leads to the fact that when it’s really April 10, you think it’s the thirteenth and freak because the today show is about four days late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B) Ignore text messages from the sweet people who actually bother to text you and fail to respond to them because you’re thinking you’d reply answers to the test or even worse, send them mixed replies. Urg.

C) Delusional thoughts—which after the two weeks of tests you’d want to smack my head for.

D) Make powerade, coke and other caffeine induced drinks my new best friend.

E) Indigestion. Pure and Simple. The tummy lurches and everything else follows…

*Holy week Entry*

Remember when we were little and we saw the world as perfect?
Everything was so perfect.
Bad people you could sense from afar and friends never ever stab you in the back or in the front.
Bad things only happen out of unfortunate luck and not because there are just people who find happiness in making other people unhappy.

But, one day you’d wake up and sense that there is truly something wrong with the world.
It’s cruel, it’s unjust, and it hurts good people without any reason at all.

The world sucks, but what can we do?

We can never be children for long.
Some people are lucky that they don’t see how ugly it is at the age of ten.

Someone who may be reading my blog may say that what I’m going through is pure drama.

They just don’t know what I’m going through.

And I’d rather not say it.

Despite the so many things wrong in this world, I’m still grateful.

I know who the Lord is.
I have a solid family.
I have the coolest siblings in the world.
I have a best friend named, Karla who emails me everyday.
I have real friends and it doesn’t matter how little or many they are.
Leonardo Dicaprio; Wentworth Miller; Jason Kapono; Andy Roddick and Roger Federer exist in this otherwise very boring world.

I’m just hoping that in a way or two, I get to touch people’s lives.
That would be the greatest pursuit of my life.
That there’s some good that would come out of this drudgery, that people would rather pick each other up rather than grind them deeper into dust.

Life is good and I’d think that it just gets better.