the deal with the whole “the world is unfair” theory


This song is cute. Avril Lavigne gets prettier by the minute.


Yesterday, during law class, I was so ready to write a vey compelling entry about my life at the moment but two things stopped me:

A) I kept on having second thoughts because the said entry would definitely create some sort of wave, even if it’s just a small one because it involves people. People who when you hit the search engine, their names and thier annoying faces pop up.
We all know that that story is not about me.
B) I fell asleep. The Board Meeting and E! News kept me up later than usual.
Gad. It’s just so weird that most people sabotage thier jobs while other people strive to stay at it. I guess this is a simplistic version of what I was supposed to write about yesterday but I guess it’s safe to say that a few people know what I’m talking about.
Jerks aren’t even the word for those people.
Calling them jerks would be the understatement of the year.
Despite the many hurtings that I and the people I love has been through in the past week. I refuse to give in to giving up my faith.

Yes, Life’s been a bitch lately but that doesn’t mean I’d stop believing that there’s some good lurking aorund somewhere.
And all of this just a test.
I’ve been watching heroes lately and I have fallen madly in love with it.
Save the cheerleader, save the world”
Now Milo Ventimiliga falls after Freddie Prinze Jr., Patrick Dempsey and James Lafferty even if he’s short.!