Of those we love one day and forget about the next


Before I begin my absurd entry, I would just like to greet my wonderful mother a:


We’re blessed to have you as a mom.

I have no idea how to start this entry. All I know is that I’m supposed to be talking about changes.

A lot of them.
When I was about ten or eleven years old, I had a stuff toy that could say whatever I trained it to say. Damn, I forgot what it was called, but I think it was called fuzzy or something. It was the coolest thing. I would take it anywhere with me.

Until Freddie Prinze Jr. happened
The year before I turned eleven, I was mightly in love with the “I know what you did last summer series” and that’s when my fuzzy fried have been dropped.

After Freddie Prinze, it was Nsync.

When I found Smallville, Lance Bass was zapped out of my life.

Then One Tree Hill came…

And the list goes on.

Not that I’m such a bad person, you see I still love my ex fuzzy friend, but he won’t be tagging along with me these days because things are just different.
I guess this is a huge metaphor of my life. Most days, I miss my friends from SPCP, CSA and ICA, but most days I wonder if they miss me at all.

This is not me being dramatic, it’s just one of those things you think of when you see them living their own lives.

This is a fact of life, most of the time, we love our old friends dearly but I guess you just don’t have anything in common anymore.
Unlike,my best friend, Karla, everyone seems to be just a little different.

And I don’t condemn them for that. It’s kindda cool actually, it’s like meeting new people all over again.

Like, they’re the same people, but then again, they’re not.

This is one thing, I’d never figure out, just like the many things life.


Speaking of changes. I was just wondering. What’s up with a girl who tries to run away when the guy of her dreams finally gives her the time of the day?

A coward.

Because she’s too afraid that maybe something good will finally happen to her.


I still wonder sometimes if there are still good people in this world. I think I may be having trust issues.
Major ones.
Like, people can be extremely nice when you first meet them, but what happens after that.
In relation to the title of this blog, I used to love meeting new people, but after all the bullsh*t that has happened in my life recently.
Really, is it even worth it?