Finding a Home in the Sky


On a regular, average day, it is not uncommon for people say out loud or think in their heads, “I really need to get away from the city.” The city, though highly amusing and entertaining at times, can be extremely limiting in terms of breathing space. No matter how much we enjoy our lives, we reach a point where we just need a break and somewhere to escape to.
Thankfully, VConsunji Incorporated, Stephen Ku, and Slater Young fulfills this dream through the Busay Sky House. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of uptown Cebu, Busay Sky House brings together smart and stylish while not being far away from metro giving everyone a chance to having the family / vacation home of their dreams.
The exclusive mountain top development boasts of Sky Houses, a visual once only seen on creative Pinterest boards as conceptualized and developed by real estate heavy weight Victor Consunji along with friends Stephen Ku and Slater Young and Architect Juan Serina of H1 Architecture. The literal sky house of our dreams is actually a unique modern Cliffside home that takes advantage of the beautiful view of Cebu City.

The sky houses feel like the tree houses of our childhood daydreams, floating above the cliff side, above tree top canopies with views that can leave anyone breathless. But more than just being strikingly beautiful, it’s meant to be a home, Consunji says, “We are primary home developers. This means no matter what the design or the location, our utmost interest is to create a lasting home for our home owners. A home that is big enough for their family, well built with premium finishes, organized and expandable to grow with their future needs. A home, whose design is lasting and adaptable, and architecturally forward looking to be as timeless as possible.”
The Sky Houses are conveniently located in Busay Hilands which is the right combination of desirable factors such as the view and the terrain and is the right mix of convenience and lifestyle. It’s being in the Metro without actually being in it, it gives you that needed space in between where you have to be and where you want to be, a place that gives you the solitude, fresh air, and privacy that you need.