first day funk (haha, as quoted by theaa!)


(I’m actually in my I.T. class, we have a twenty minute break. Yippee.)
First day of my college life (why whenever I say it, it always sounds dramatic?). I had my first class this morning (I have a super weird schedule on Tuesdays, I have a three hour break-argg), Principles of marketing. It was an interesting class. I actually enjoyed eventhough it was for three hours. I was a bit sleepy at first but after the break (yes the actually give out breaks on the second hour, wahaha! *snicker*) I was energetic again. (See im not always energetic=p)
Anyway, I really have to make this quick. Im having fun, meeting new people and just exploring new things. College is so different from highschool. Its more carefree and no one seems to care. Not everything’s restricted anymore. Although, I know I have to study more now and concentrate and focus and all that academic stuff.
I miss my friends though, I super super miss them=’c I miss sir ben too. haha=) Im actually enjoying college and everything in between. =)
I know its just the first day but im super optimistic…*wink*